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I am a 22-year-old woman and I was introduced to BDSM by my boyfriend when I was an 18-year-old freshman virgin. He and I had been dating for a month, and his roommate went home for Columbus Day weekend, so we had the dorm room to ourselves for 48 hours. On Friday evening, after dinner and a movie, my boyfriend took me to his dorm room. After locking the door, we began to kiss and make out as we had done many times before. But this time, he removed my bra and panties, and I whispered to him to "go ahead and do whatever you want to me tonight." He asked me to lie nude and face up on his bed, and he used a couple of bathrobe belts to tie my wrists tightly to the bed's headboard. Then, he used his fingers and his mouth to explore my body, including my nipples, my navel, my clit, my pussy, and my anus. He drooled his saliva onto my breasts, my clit, my pussy, and my anus. He used his teeth to bite my nipples and clit -- gently at first, but then slightly harder and harder, pushing the envelope to see how much discomfort and pain I could tolerate. Feeling his teeth sink into the flesh of my nipples and clit caused me pain, but it also excited me, and I chose not to object at all, moaning with approval and begging him to bite me harder and harder. He used his fingers to penetrate my saliva-lubricated pussy and anus -- going back and forth with two fingers, three fingers, and four fingers, and then inserting his entire fist all the way past his wrist. I was amazed how great it felt to be pussy-fisted and anally-fisted -- I had never imagined that my body could even accommodate fisting or that it would make me so horny and submissive. I whispered to him, "Please feel free to fuck both of my holes as hard and deep as you want tonight." He replied, "Aren't you concerned about pain?" I looked at his 11-inch erect penis and whispered back, "I know your cock can hurt my pussy and asshole, but I don't care. I want you to feel free to fuck me tonight like an anal whore because I only care about your pleasure -- nothing else matters to me tonight." With that cue, he proceeded to insert his 11-inch cock into my pussy first, thrusting deeply to bump my cervix repeatedly. Then, he pulled out and slowly pushed his cock into my anus, painfully penetrating my sphincter muscles, sliding in deeper to ream out my rectum, and eventually thrusting his cock so deep into my ass that the tip of his penis repeatedly penetrated part of my colon. It was so intense to be anally fucked by his warm, throbbing 11-inch cock. I felt my sphincter burning with pain, but I tried to moan with each thrust as if I were feeling no pain, sounding as if I were moaning with pleasure, and I begged him to "fuck my ass even harder!" For the next two hours, with my wrists bound to the headboard, he bit my nipples while his cock slid in and out of my rectum and colon, delivering a steady rhythm of anal thrusts at a rate of one per second. After two hours, he had delivered 7,200 thrusts of his 11-inch cock in and out of my virgin asshole. That's a total of 6,600 feet of cock -- more than a mile -- reaming out my ass. And in the process, over those two hours, he managed to cum eight times. Each time he ejaculated, his 11-inch cock delivered an explosion of warm, thick, sticky cum that coated the inner walls of my colon and rectum. His cum served as a lubricant as it slowly oozed through my rectum and anus. With each thrust, he moaned with pleasure, and I moaned simultaneously, giving him even more satisfaction. After he had cum in my ass for the last time, he pulled out his rock-hard cock and asked me to open my mouth wide. Then, he slid his 11-inch penis through my lips, over my tongue, past my tonsils, and penetrating my throat by several inches. As he held my head tightly against his crotch, I felt his cock thrusting back and forth inside my throat. Then, I felt a brief shudder, followed by a torrent of hot liquid jetting into my throat. As I felt the liquid rushing down my esophagus, I swallowed it and felt the hot liquid streaming into my stomach. I was so excited and felt so horny and sexually fulfilled as I realized that I was providing my boyfriend complete satisfaction -- I drank his entire load of piss without spilling or wasting a drop. This was my first experience with vaginal fisting, anal fisting, vaginal sex, anal sex, and piss drinking. Over the past four years, my boyfriend and I have repeated these experiences on more than 1,400 nights.