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I just finished reading this article by Colt Williams. I also took a look at the comments.

I have a few thoughts. It seems to me that the author and most of the people commenting are missing the point. Yes, most women love to have their hair pulled, be dominated and "used". It is the reason why that most people don't understand, and the answer is usually not sex!

I have been in the BDSM community for over 6 years now. The Impact play, fire play, electrical play, bondage, wax play etc., all lead to the same thing... Sub flight. As a result of stressing the body, the sub gets a dump of endorphins and adrenaline every 8 to 10 minutes. This takes the submissive deeper and deeper into a naturally induced high. The world around them fades away... vision, sounds, feeling... they all go away and the sub is left in their own personal happy spot. This giddy feeling will continue for hours, even up to several days depending on how the persons body reacts to the endorphin load. Yes, sex is involved in the BDSM scene, but it is a result, not a cause (and it is negotiated ahead of time). Her sexual desires are aroused by the endorphins not the other way around. That is why most of us in the BDSM community consider 50 shades of grey a decent romance movie, but an awful BDSM movie. Please learn more and get involved in your local BDSM groups. You will find that a whole new world of fun and excitement will open up for both the Top and Bottom (Dom & Sub). Great food, great fun and great friends!

Have fun and stay kinky!