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I think what you mean by "beating the system" is simply to do your own thing, to follow your own passions, to go your own way. However, I believe "the system" does allow a man to do all of these things you did (travel, learn language, learn dancing, womanize, etc.) even while pursuing higher education and making an honest living, especially in the West.

I say this because some impressionable young men might take what you said at face value and neglect their studies to go to Thailand thinking this will turn them into dominant men, which they'll most likely end up regretting sorely later on.

If you want to be truly dominant in bed, just think of your woman as a piece of meat, and use and abuse her however you see fit, or rather, however your most basic sexual instincts urge you to; in other words, go caveman on her. And the good news is, most men have this in them. They just need to take off the chains and leave them at the bedroom's doorstep.