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This is sort of related to this article in the dominant/submissive sense, but without the pain and bondage, but I have two specific fetishes when it comes to the bedroom. 1. I have a blue hoodie/sweatshirt fetish (weird I know, but I like the way it looks and feels when i rub my hands across a girl wearing one, and blue specifically cause I find it to be a very attractive color on women). 2. I also have a strange fetish for clapping and cheering (hey, it gives me a big head, plus seeing her get excited like that is a huge turn on to me, personally). Now, how would I get a typical woman to partake in these fetishes in a dominant fashion? (I know the rule, tell her to do it, don't ask her too), but say she refuses to do it, or finds it too "weird"? How would I go about convincing her to do it in a dominant and persistant way, like what things should i say to her to convince her to comply towards going along with my fetishes? Any advice would be great, thanks!