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As a bisexual male, I agree.

I was surprised when I started actively seeking partners to find a lot of people enjoy being submissive (both male and female). I find it a release of responsibility. Many people are terrified of it. It's less work to follow instruction rather than make seemingly difficult decisions. Unless you're equipped with the skills to deal with resistance. If that's the word I'm looking for?

In response to the previous poster. There are those who are burdened with a life of responsibility at work or otherwise. There is nothing better than getting home and not having to worry about a thing - it's escapism.

I agree with Girlschase, there is a severe lack of dominant males. Just as there are dominant females. While I've encountered both, the latter have been bisexuals or lesbians (I could talk about that all day). Those I've met resulted in very passionate power struggles. However, these wouldn't result in an on-going relationship unless someone submits (think, two dominant males). I think there's an article on relationship dynamics somewhere.

Something I found interesting was self-confessed feminists I slept with were also very submissive. I won't go into detail on that topic either.

I know this isn't what Colt is saying, but I hope everyone remembers these are fantasies. Some people don't want 'rough' or 'dominant' all the time. Besides, it's nice to mix it up with some slow intimacy. I also caution that BDSM relationships require a high degree of trust. It forms an emotional bond that can be difficult to part. Be respectful of limitations and please be discreet.

Ultimately, have fun.