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I disagree with the opinion that manners and being polite makes one a subordinate male. I am Texan I come from an armed society you know 2nd Amendment. We are polite and well mannered we do not tolerate disrespect we assume everyone is armed including women.

Ask the people that know me they will tell you "make no mistake he is not a nice guy he is a very kind man well mannered and polite". I have been called an asshole as long as I can remember it's called being a man. The last few years Texas has seen an influx of California people fleeing high taxes. They have a very hard time adjusting to the life style many men have ended up in medical facilities due to bad manners and disrespect. Here is the most common excuse for what happens: " I didn't do anything wrong I don't know why it happened".

Anyone that makes the mistake that I am a subordinate man because I am polite and well mannered has already lost the battle by underestimating me that includes women. My first warning to them is this "I don't take kindly to bad manners or disrespect" if they persist they get what they have earned. I am very adept at insulting people that takes them 30 min. to realize they have been. Don't judge a book by it's cover open it and find out what is in it.