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I'm a girl and I hate to admit it but you are 100% right.
I don't know why this work but it does. Especially when you (as a girl) are used to people being nice and accommodating.

The last guy I dated did exactly everything of what you described in your article. And it drove me crazy. It hurt on many occasions though.
So although you might be getting what you want just know that at some level you are hurting the other person. If you really like them, gotta balance it out.
My guy kind of went overboard and started attacking my self esteem. Nothing I did was right at some point and as much as I was attracted to him I tried to explicitly resist him. He began to feel toxic. Like you can't resist him but you try everything you can to. A girl can easily end up hating the guy if it's not balanced out correctly,

In any case very accurate article. I wonder what is the equivalent for girls? How do we achieve the same effect on guys?