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So here's my situation, there was this lady I've been friendly with, and for months we're at the buddy-buddy level. My problem is that I have romantic feelings for her and early on she picked up on this but like an idiot I followed through on them and admitted them. Now we're still friends and all, but I showed signs of being the beta-male, the all too nice/polite person to her.

Over the past 3 months we've been having a sexual relationship with eachother but recently I made another dumb move saying that I liked her a lot and wanted to move the relationship forward. Again, my mistake is that I'm asking and being 'polite' and 'honest' which has led to the downfall of my sexual adventures.

Right now we're not talking with one another cause I said I need time to figure some things out. I need help getting my friends with benefits relationship back, as well as cement my presence in her life as a primary interest.

She currently has no desire to move on to a deeper relationship and that's fine with me.

My question is, can I fix this, not just getting the friends with benefits back (she with-held sex as a means to 'protect' me from getting hurt) but also sparking an interest in me romantically.

I've known her for a year and I do have feelings for her, but I want to learn how to hide them while making progress with her. For now I'm just spending time away from her.