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Haters of this can't handle truth. This is very well presented material, in that it's mature and differentiates between being a thug (complete a-hole) and being "just enough a-hole" to get the job done, and balancing being genuine with sufficient a-hole to get the job done. When haters challenge these things, they always offer this scenario as a total dichotomy, which is patently false: either a guy is a total thug (who is openly malicious) or he's a simp, chump or wimp (who is *covertly* malice and only pretending to be nice). This belief is what women use to conveniently explain why they cannot resist a-holes, when in fact, it doesn't MATTER why they can't resist a-holes. Thus, whether or not a guy is ACTING nice or is GENUINE and nice matters NOT one BIT especially to modern women under thirty. "Nice" is a sexual death knell, especially for generations following Gen X.

I really like how the author gives solid advice on how to up your a-hole game without believing you need to be a thug, bad-boy or callous heart-breaker. A large part of relating to other people is about how you act and how they react to you. I think people (me included) are nice not because they are ONLY nice people (many are) but they are nice because it's an easier way, with less conflict. It's just easier, and more comfortable. Women don't like men who are weak and avoid discomfort. Women like men who get teeth knocked out playing rugby or speaking their mind even when it creates tension.

10/10 read. Link this and send to all of your beta male "nice guy" buddies. This article is spot on. You don't need to become a career criminal to be attractive to women. You just need to know what makes them tingle and do that, and what repels them and NOT do THAT.