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Hello chase!
i'm really glad and thankful for your articles, i don't remember a time asking myself "what's just happened?!" between me and girls anymore after reading them.
and one of those things is finding the gap between the nice guy and the guy from douchepagistan that i was doing both simultaneously, there was a gap between those two and i knew i should find it A.S.A.P because i think what i was doing is something called Schizophrenic disorder!!, but not anymore now after reading (teasing girls the right way) article and then coming into this one.
my question is about the point that you recommend keeping away from making fun or teasing a girl in anything personal about her (in teasing girls the right way), while in this article (point #3) you teased her on being fat and making fun of that!, isn't that the opposite?
like do you mean that if a girl craved a compliment from me on her new hair style, dress, shoes, etc... of personal things, i should also use Point #3 while replying?, and if not- or you have anything else to say about that, could you explain further?
thanks in advance