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Keep It Low Profile and Get the Girl

Cody Lyans's picture

low profileWhen you enter a club or a mall or a party and you see strangers that you don’t know, dressed well and talking to people, it is easy to assume that they know something or have something you do not. These people operating on that “high profile” aren’t very likely to come up and talk to you, so it can be a huge shock if and when they do.

Their arms may slung around you and you stutter in shock, wondering exactly what to do; you are tongue tied; you can’t even think about anything other than wearing a smile and quickly getting out of there. Once you do escape they are left wondering where you went, but then quickly forget about it and move on.

Think about women for a second in this exact same situation: does a woman really want to be a part of that all the time - do you? Or does she want her sex life to be under the radar and personally suited to her?