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Hello Chase and all the readers, I have some questions about the second case mentioned when the girl is really great and worth seeing again. So let's say she's a girlfriend material for me and I moved fast and got first date sex. From that point, isn't it a bad thing to let her sleep over at my place? I don't understand how it combines with ideas from other articles such as:

1) Letting her sleep over tells her that I'm not very busy, thus don't have a lot going on and that I am likely not going to see any other girls next day. I'm concerned that this way she can get too comfortable with me, get the feeling that she has me and lose the attraction. 

2) A casual relationship is the best way to start a more serious one, so that means a slow but gradual transition from the first towards the latter instead of front loading everything at the beginning. My point is, letting her sleep over combined with spending time with her the next day doesn't sound like the most casual start.

I want to follow the advice in this article and spend time and nights with her, but at the same time I don't want to ruin everything for the above mentioned reasons. So is it better to gently send her home after the first time and then only after a few dates have her sleep over at my place?