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These girls are often irresponsible. They talk about things they shouldn't talk about. The girls with the tattoo's, hair dye, body piercings and potty mouths. The girls rarely or never work for a living. They are always broke, you hear stories of drug use and alcohol addiction. When she gets into trouble she's going to cry wolf, hoping not to face the consequences of her own actions. Her relationships are what we call "666" the 6ft tall, 6 to 8 inch penis, and a 6 figure income. 

The party girl is often the one who becomes a single mother and sometimes a single mother with multiple baby daddy's. Because she was too irresponsible to use condoms and birth control she now has kids to raise that she's not ready to take care of. Get ready for a lifetime of poverty and disappointment. Unless she is lucky enough to quit drinking and using drugs and she can find a man who makes a descent income and get married. But some of these women still don't want to get married despite all the benefits. She'd rather taste all the flavors of the rainbow than settle down and get married. By the time she's ready, she's already been smoked and poked and she's incapable of pair bonding and it does not matter what man she's with or how good she is. She will use you as a ego boost in between bad boys but in just a few months she's single again and thank god she saved that friendship with you so she can have something to fall back on. because you know, she doesn't want to lose the friendship but she'll let you take her out on dates and treat you like a boyfriend. You may even get a one night stand out of her but she'll never call you her boyfriend or husband because you don't meet her ridiculous standards of dating which only represent 20% of the male population. She thinks she deserves better and these men are raised up by single mothers believing if they just treat them nice she will love him in return. But this rarely if ever happens in real life. She uses these men as a sponge to absorb all the years of frustration and disappointment in between bad boys only to repeat the same cycle over and over again until her biological clock is nearly expired. But by then many of these women have already hit the wall and she's going to have a very hard time finding a new man to write a check against it. 

You want to know what sums up these women's lives? alpha cucks and beta bucks.