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So while I agree with the headline of this article (I assume that basically Chase is saying Dating these types of women is bad (for him), and I agree it's bad for me too..


But then I read the article and it's just this myriad of all this PUA type stuff that's just like unnecessary ... ugh

The reason I don't date them is because when girls do this it goes against my values. And that is, I guess the easiest way to say it. If you want me to hand over my money you better be giving me something pretty damn good. And $8 for a bottle of water, $11 for a beer. When I can get it at a fraction of the cost at a liquor store and party at home with MUCH better environment...

Furthermore women who like to constantly party basically like to constantly waste money and not have anything to show for it. This means if you marry them they will constantly be wasting your money, probably even if it's not partying related.

Then of course there's the obvious putting themselves in a positiion that is inappropriate for a wife to be in, etc. etc.