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Hi Chase,

I'm going to be honest with you, I'm young, and so I am what many people would call Naive.

My girlfriend is awesome, she takes care of me, encourages me, and wants me to do well for myself.

But I have a dilemma, she hates "the system". She doesn't want to work all her life, and what not. I'm on 26.5k at 18, so not a pretty good salary for my age. She constantly expects me to buy her things, not like Jewlery and all that, but Food and hygiene stuff and that lot. Now, she's at College, and doesn't have a Job, so I don't know what to think.

But one of the worst things for me is probably the fact that, as much as she's just turned 18, she constantly wants to go out clubbing! Every Thursday, and then at the weekends she wants me to go out! I work extremely hard in the week, and I don't really want to go out, I'm more of a chilled pub kind of guy, but anyhow. She constantly wants to go clubbing, and I feel boring because I don't necessarily want to. I have a lot going on in my life, and in recent months the relationship has been a bit rocky... I mean one night when we both went clubbing, she kissed me and then said " Oh good you are the right person" and I flipped my shit as you can imagine, considering she was going to Ibiza one week later! Then, one night I did not want to go out with her and her friends to McDs, because I had just driven an hour and a half to see her, after working a 9-5 shift on 4 hours sleep. We had a massive argument, and later on I find that she's told her friend that I am being controlling at the moment.

Sometimes the lack of understanding / appreciation for what I do does really hit me hard.

We spoke and all that, but I want your view on what I should do!