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I too came to this realization, the hard way. I have to admit I read this article a few months earlier when I was contemplating dating this party girl and whether the benefits outweigh the costs. I was smitten, Of course the temptation to justify such a dangerous Liaison is so high and I too found some way to justify it, by thinking I can, and trying to change her. I Know better now and everything is just as you said in this article. The whirlwind is definitely not worth it to a man who's ambitious, I should know; I have encountered some significant setbacks in the last few months which hopefully I will be able to overcome, but almost got me to ground zero, I think divine intervention must've saved my ass. I know there are more moral people than me out there, my plan is to drop her, cold turkey, once I have done some pretty twisted things with her, but its been one of those times, I know I will look back and be like, whoa how did I survive that one? As for categorizing even girls who drink once a month as party girls, I don't necessarily agree but I can see how it makes sense. Sometimes girls who've never done these things, once they start in middle age or whenever, they go to the other extreme.