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So my ex of 4.5yrs and I broke up. We have a chils together... The night that we broke up he officially started going out with the girl im mosy certain he was cheating on me with (for a month or so).. Ee were intimate a few times until I slapped my own face and realize what an idiot I was being. The last time we were intimate I told him that I didn't want nor I deserved to be second, and that if he wanted to work things out I'd be willing to give him a chance (for our family)... He responded "yah, but what am I supposed to do with thia girl now?“ and that "how about we do it slowly" to which I obviously reaponded no. ... However this girl is 1)fresh of the boat 2) friends with ex's best friend's mistress, 3) obe of those girla that do anything as long as she has a sugar daddy... My point is that my ex now is drinking all the tine, they go out every weekend and drink party and all that. He's just behaving totally irresponsibly, and his mentally has gobe backwards, and on top it seems that he's playing victim (me being the ogre) he even refuses to see our child unless he can be with his "booty gf" and I just KNOW that he is in a really bad mental space. I no longer contact him so he doesn't have the excuse that im jealous and trying to "interfere " with his relationship... However every time he's contacted me he makes it about his relationship and that im jealous and that, that is the reason why I don't let him see our child...which in reality I told him yhathe could see /take our child as much as he'd like (I really want them to have astrong bond as I did as a child) however because our child is still a toddler, I did saythat it was best if the girl doesn't get involved and that I would prefer for the wellness of our child, if he only spent time one on one with our child. I even spoke to a counselor and I got advised that Yes! It was better that way. However he hasn't seen our child, and when he txts me, he makes it as if im being a total b**ch and "separating" him fron his oh so beloved child. I know he's getting reallybad advise, cause all of his friends are in bad relationships where they're all cheating and have long-time mistresses and their wives are ok wiyh it as long as they stillprovide and sleep at home...for the most part. He seems totally inlove with this girl in such short time, but I know shes in it just just for the car and all the extra perks. What surprises me even more is that this girl is exactly everything that he said he would never ever get with. He is even at parties of people he doesnt even get along with and criticised their way of living (partying, sleeping around, and getting smashed, and not getting ahead) it also seems that this girl is totally brain washing him and she's a biy younger. He's 31. And to me hr seems to br acting like a college boy, and being a total idiot... Police even contacted me this morning saying that his car was being driven at 5am yhis morning im guessing he was going home really drunk, and the girl prolly driving (without a license)... Dunno it feels like he's letting himself totally go downhill really fast. I'm just worried he's gonna smash his face on a wall real hard :(... a feq days back he texted me about our daughter again, but he started arguing with me from the 1st text he sent...I knew he had been drinking though. Cause he'd postedon whatsapp where he posts what hes doing constantly.. And that's the only social media I left open. -Also everything about me is bad and negative. Wrong in his opinion/mind. Can anyone please give me some input!??? My mind is really just WTF!!! Is this guy doing???? I knew he had lots of issues, but now Pfff he just went overboard... Real quick!