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I rarely comment on posts like these. But as a 28 year old female who has written 8 books, reads 50-80 books a year, and also enjoys going to girls night out once or twice a week to enjoy ladies night and have a fun time dancing, I think you're making terrible generalizations about so called "party girls."

You can't assume that every woman out at a bar is a vapid bimbo who hops into bed with any man who buys her a drink. And it's silly to think that a woman who enjoys girls night out once or twice a month, or who has a few drinks to celebrate fun occasions is a "party girl" who "isn't worth your time." People are complex. They have layers. They deserve more credit than you're giving them.

I literally don't know one female who doesn't enjoy a fun girls night out once or twice a month. Even my most studious friends let loose on occasion. The "non-party girls" you describe sound like really boring human beings.