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I definitely believe in screening a girl before showing your emotions, and seeing a relationship as a business investment(bias opinion- I'm a business student). This lesson came to me in what I think could be the hardest way possible. I have yet to have settled down with a loyal partner, and it just so happens they were all "party girls". On another note, avoid bi-sexual girls as well, they just have more options to choose from when committing infidelity. In my most recent relationships, I let my emotions show before I even found out she was a party girl, some how she persuaded me to fall madly in love before revealing her true colours. I have never been into partying; I have always looked into the future imagining what I want from life and taking the necessary actions that will allow me to strive for my goals. I'm a Finance major at one of the best Business schools in Canada, currently waiting to here back on my early acceptance in to Law School for next Fall. I have a 4.1 GPA and have been on the deans list for four consecutive semesters, I also scored a 164 on the LSAT. The reason I am saying all this is to express the type of person I am(organized, self-motivated and goal-oriented), but I made the stupid mistake of falling in love before I knew that this girl was firstly; a party girl and secondly; was failing out of university. Take it from me, and don't make the same mistakes. I'm currently still searching for a woman who has the same priorities, but it has been an uphill battle. Who knows, maybe I'll find her in Law School!
Thanks for the article, it was a great read!