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I'm dating a guy who've met all his ex girl friends clubbing. He drives a nice car and pretty well off, according to him girls flirt with him at pubs and it's easy for him to get girls. Recently, I found out his girls he dated were super models, Miss Thailand, celebrities, etc. All his previous relationship ended with the girl bumping him or because his ex is sleeping with someone else.

He's 34, and keep saying he is ready to settle down with a girl who can take care of him, and his family. He says he loves me and even took me out of dinner with his family the 1st month of our relationship. Yet, from time to time he would make physical comparison between me (I'm a chubby girl) and his G cup ex girl friend. I am a bit scared, in that I think he is only picking me because he thinks I'm wife material. But deep inside, he wants a super model girl friend who can perform porn star moves in bed.

Do guys who say they are willing to settle down mean it? Do you compare between your girl next door with your hot party girl ex?

It is scaring the heck out of me..