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I appreciate that the author does not "judge party girls". However, I don't completely agree with this post. It's not fair to draw two separate circles, one for girls who party and one for girls who want to "better" themselves. I believe that it should be more of a Venn diagram; there are certainly girls who exist in both. As a former sorority girl from a college town that is ranked in the "top party schools" list, I don't deny that I party often. I go out on average once or twice a week, even now that I've graduated. Most of the time, I just go out with girlfriends, sometimes with a co-ed group of friends. But at the same time, I took my coursework seriously while in school, and I have an interview with my top choice medical school lined up right now. When I was in school, I took 18 credit hours (the maximum without an approved overload request) every semester except my last, so I could double major in biology and psychology (and to take save room for some classes I just wanted to take for the fun of it). I also completed research for two semesters in the biology/health field, for two semesters in psychology/developmental disorders, volunteered at eldercare homes/Ronald McDonald houses/hospitals and was actively involved in a co-ed service fraternity in addition to working part-time in one of my semesters as a research assistant. But I also dressed up and went to mixers/cocktails/fraternity parties. In order to fit all of that into my schedule, I lived in the library during midterms and finals weeks. I believe it's perfectly possible to balance partying and bettering oneself, so it's not fair to separate party girls and girls who seek to "better" themselves into two categories without any overlap.