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Interesting article, although i hold a sightly different view than the one you hold, even though that has a lot to do with my own life experiences. Now a little about myself: I'm university student, 21 years-old, and i'm definitely not into the party scene. The reason why i am not into the party scene has a lot to do with my personality type, which is that of an introvert, and honestly the noise bothers me a lot. Additionally, i don't go out for girls night out or into drinking. I prefer to spend my time doing productive things or things that actually matter to me, such as studying, working, reading, travelling, etc. With that said, its kind of sad that most people my age look at me and think that i'm not living my life truly simple because i'm not doing what the people my age are up to these days(e.g partying, getting drunk, hooking up). However, i'm not the type to look down on others, simply because they engage in that lifestyle.

Fuck a hoe but merry a virgin analogy:

What i noticed about the views most guys hold nowadays is that, if a girl is into the party scene or if she's the type that likes to engage in causal sex, most guys(but not all guys) will still hookup with her, but they will think that she is not worthy of being their girlfriend or even future spouse. I mean, you went to the club knowing fully that you are probably going to meet women, whom just like you, are also looking to just have fun, so what's the problem here? All i'm saying in this case is that, you need to be real with yourself and stop blaming others for something you willingly consent to in the first place.

Those party girls are just like you, in a stage in their life where they are still young and just want to gain fun life experiences. At some point, they will, just like you, wake up from that euphoria state of mind, and realize that, though the experiences was nice, they want something more stable and serious. With that said, you need to stop judging them and start searching deeply within yourself so you could find some of the things you are really looking for and what makes you happy.

To chase,

I actually do kind of agree with you in that, i think more guys should realize that there is more life to than just chasing after party girls, while wondering that why things aren't going the directions you want it to, whether be it in terms of relationships with those girls or whatever else. And i think the answer has to do with them not being right for you at that particular stage in their lives, but this is not to say that they're not the right ones for you in the future. And if you have realized things aren't working out, i believe this is because you have waken up from that state of euphoria, and realized that you need something different. If that's the case, good for you then. I believe people are responsible for their own actions, so if somewhere down the road if things go wrong, please do not blame anybody. Instead, go on a journey that will help you figure out what it is that you want from your life, whether its in terms of relationship, career, family, etc.