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I really enjoyed reading your valuable pearls. I am an Indian guy and I am from Houston. I had a really nasty experience with one of these party kind of girls. I am from medical field and so pretty busy. Was on an online dating thing, usually get 2/3 dates every fortnight. This time I had invitation from 2 girls on the same day. One was Mexican and the other was white. I picked the first girl even though she wanted to meet me in a different suburb called woodlands which is very far away from the medical center I live in. That was the dumbest choice I have ever made that day. Normally I meet many women, Oh and by the way I am open to all cultures and pretty much easy going. I was always confident like the usual me. It sounded a bit strange as this Mexican girl wanted me to pick her at her house and go to another place. I would prefer a restaurant or a coffee shop or a pub to the max. I picked her at her place and she took me to this night club. What......? My dumb head should have know this shit right then and there. I go to clubs a lot of times with my colleagues but I never date any chick from there. And she started asking me for drinks the whole night. I would not mind giving her drinks but she forced me to have drinks even though I told this girl that I had to drive 36 miles back home and would be a risk. She was hot. A lot of guys tried to hit on her and she acted so politely and refused them saying she was with me. I trusted her and we had good dance. I am a real good dancer, more into hip hop and freestyle and she was just doing the salsa moves for each every song of the rappers which sounded quite weird to me. And was correcting me to do like that. Time passed by and I lost count of how many drinks I had. It was about 2 am when she asked me to close the tab. The moment I closed it she started bitching with the guys in that club. Till date I had not seen anybody do like that. I go to clubs every week make friends with the women over there and give them a drink or two and have a good dance or may be some kind of co ordinal friendship. I generally never hit on or entertain girls who are with another guy. I follow the ethics and avoid conflicts and fights. The bad part that night is that she made me pick a fight with a bunch of these ghetto assholes who would not leave here even though she was with me. A couple of guys there did not entertain this lady knowing she was with me. I was trying to take her out of the club when these two ghetto mofos started saying shit to me out of the blue. I do not know, may be they did not like me being Indian and macho with that girl in that club or something. If it was my kind of club where I usually go and all the bouncers there are my friends would straighten the ass of these small time punks. But, it was not place and boy it was a nasty situation. We went on verbal and I strictly avoided physical confrontation even though they really pissed me off to the max. I left her there and never gave her any ride home.

Moral of the story is that she is the typical party girl whom you described and know I really understand that I was not the only victim. I suggest my fellow readers whom I consider as brothers that this article is really beautiful and I strictly condemn dating such filth infested inhumane ladies who lack courtesy. Imagine in 1 day she made a big fuss, what would be your situation if you are planning to date these kind of female dogs who would never change for you or knows the meaning of loyalty. No matter how good you be to them, they will only take advantage of you and play u for a fool.