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Hi Chase! Interesting article.

While I agree with you in the most part about screening girls who drink and party too much, I wonder where the line can be drawn with these girls. Like how about the girl who has a friendly meal and drink over dinner with her girlfriends and they decide to get a few drinks at a bar nearby? Or how about a girl who attends an event for her uni course faculty and has a few drinks with her uni friends?

In Australia and also Europe (where I've spent some time), drinking is engrained in the culture much more than other societies. I would hazard a guess that in the US, alcohol consumption is far more conservative than other societies, partly due to the prohibition of the 1920s. I once heard the comedian Arj Barker state the difference between attitudes on drinking in the US vs. Australia. While in Australia the socially acceptable thing is to drink with friends or "go out" to a bar. In the US Arj Baker states, it's more like "Oh look at so and so...drinking at a bar on a WEEKDAY....what a desperate man....come on guys, let's go drink behind closed doors".

As a general rule, perhaps yes, the girls that drink, club and party are far more impulsive, crazy and narcissistic. However, there is always a distribution curve and exceptions to the rule. Just like not all girls you approach in day game are going to be sweet, down-to-earth homely girls; not all girls that drink (at least in Australia) are all "crazies". However, maybe it is just that the 'girls that drink' distribution is skewed more to the 'crazy' end of the scale, than the 'normal' end of the scale.

My point is that what is socially acceptable to meet people of the opposite sex is different with different countries and cultures. The influence from the British and English in Australia has no doubt given rise to the popularity of the bar as a social meeting place. But from all accounts in your article, that is less so in the US than Europe or Australia (I need to test this in my next holiday to the US)

With regards to 'crazies' at bars, I think we have to take into account observation bias. Crazy girls are the ones that you approach and notice most compared to the shy girl getting a quiet drink with her friends in the corner. Instead of the wild party girl who is flipping her hair, begging for you to approach her. As the old saying goes: "not everything that matters can be counted, and not everything you can count, matters"-Einstein. Are you really going to approach who is seated in the corner wearing less revealing clothing, compared to the party girl with tight clothing, when you primary motivation for going out is sex? Didn't think so.

It would be interesting getting some kind of data on here, as observation can only lead so far.
Keep up the good work,