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my boyfriend like to get drunk
like to party
enjoy boy' nights out and he loves to talk to other girls. in front of me, leave me there, talk to other girls all night, doing drugs with them, smoking, drinking, don't know what els.

he do this every 2 weeks or 3 or 4.... it hurts me when he do this.

but other times he with me is all good and loving. but he swear a lot when he driving, his parents are rich, i guess he can relax party, but i don't like to party. he also think I'm no fun. he get wired when he back from party. i sad every time he go party.

but he is so nice all other times... what should i do.

I have told him he hurts me when he do this, but he say he love to get dunk and talk to people he don't know. what should I do?