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Well written article, good stuff. I admit that my reasoning for reading this is to work out where I am on the scale of 'party girls'. I am a 27 year old who became an event organiser within the party scene. Im not talking about the scene where ladies wear next to nothing and the guys purchase champagne, I'm talking about the music orientated, hipster-ish, trendy scene. Where the focus is mostly the quality of the music and maybe the (drugs). I would say the ladies in this scene are still partying and maybe still pulling guys, but the focus is well and truly not all about that. Other night life scenes are. So my point is to not to hard everyone who goes to clubs with this brush. It is a small percentage of the overall nightlife (maybe 5-10%) but it exists. My BF who is 37 is a music fan and we have this connection, because he recognises that I dominantly into the music. Despite this though, I am putting how I feel about nightlife into perspective. I am now training to be a counsellor, recognising a deeper interest and also know that this industry is short lived. I look at those involved in it for their whole careers and they mostly don't come off well, some have managed to keep some wholesome integrity but they are rare. At this age my friendships are dwindling from this scene. I have a childhood female friend who is single and normally the only way to see her is to go to bars with her. I find the bars she likes boring, but to maintain the relationship I go.I know we'll be supportive of each other when we are 'settled down'. We went out last week and she was flirting and get attention (she is hot). I got one chat up line and thats only because I accidentally punched him in the face. It seems that since Ive coupled up I am invisible to these men. Which is a good thing!
What I am saying is - if the girl is the party girl instigator, then yes she's probably at higher risk to cheat, but if she is a follower (because of friendship) then there is less risk. Simple.