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I read this post because I am a woman and wanted to read what a man thought about this topic. I have a guy friend, we met over a year ago. He is pretty wild likes to party, club, drink, drugs and whatever else you can think about this lifestyle even heard he bough prostitutes before for drugs. He denied the prostitute thing and got mad I asked. He has told me he likes me and has expressed the reasons why he won't date me or try to be more then friends. I am not the party girl we are complete opposites. I love this man so much, there aren't enough words to express how much love is in my heart for him. He has no idea I love him because I don't feel its good to tell him. He doesn't want to hurt me because he enjoys his partying and lifestyle but he often thinks of me in that way sometimes. He chooses drinking, partying, drugs, and trashy women over me which hurts tremendously, almost two years of this has really gotten old. I tried dating but there is no one out there that makes me feel the way I do about him. When he is with me not partying he is completely different and has thanked me for pointing out when he is doing harm to himself or just being stupid. The most I ever walked into a club or bar is maybe a handful of times and I am only 27. I am the girl who likes to be around sober people, watching movies, bond fires are nice, and just a simple life no partying, drinking or drugs. He is 32 now, I keep hoping if I wait long enough he will see me worth more then the drugs, drinking, partying and trashy girls but he won't. He came to my dad's funeral this year, I even went with him to put flowers on his mom's grave, just little things like that. I love him so much it hurts being around him. I have made several attempts to distance myself but it never works. We have never been physical, kissed once but I pushed him away. One of the trashy girls messaged me once and even asked me to join in on a three some he still hangs out with this trashy girl which bothers me. She is gross and even has tried getting with my cousin and her husband just like its casual conversation. I would love to take care of this man. He has no idea what it feels like when he chooses this meaningless lifestyle over someone who truly loves him. This trashy girl has a bf, a gf. I heard him call her a girl his friends pass around for fun. What do I do? You give advice to men I know but maybe you can give this woman advice?