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Hi Chase,

I really did not want to bother you with the last post. I just feel a lot what you write, but I also know the backside to it.
And I wonder if the travelling really helps to understand more, if you already know that you are facing a world where women are atrracted to what men have to learn to become. While men are just attracted to looks and see from there how boring she is and if her beauty can make up for it.
And deep in our hearts we want to fall in love. But we can never just say that. And about that, falling is negative, but describes what you need to do to trust and love. You just cannot attach yourself to anything. Which questions the very reason fro it. So once you got that down, you want to find a special someone that will make you want to settle ot you will forever wander to please and seduce for your own satisfaction. While never being as satisfied as someone who leaves all this behind to go for some higher purpose. Someone with a woman that supports him.
Okay I bothered you enough. I hope its not too confusing.
Maybe you can give some thought to my two messages. I would like to learn more.
Thanks again for all the posts!