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Hi Chase,

I still have a question I wonder about after reading this very informative post from you.
It seems to me like you have devoted half of your life to become like a natural with women. Or at least to explain other men how a natural does it. Because you are showing insides from your experience a lot can relate to, including me.
And while I see the little effort I have to do to read many of your posts, I don't see how that is little effort on your side. I mean how many business can a man have, and spend time with many interesting women, while writing all of this here. I understand how least effort works, but I don't really believe that this is what needs to be done. Its hard work presented like a little effort. To get many women I'm sure, and behind the need to do all this for oneself, I can see a confident man. I see one who can convince people of nearly anything. I also see this romantic hero you seem to have identified yourself with. I just don't know if that is what being alive is really all about. And I did find your article quite different to the others I read from some time ago. It sounds cynical and somewhat over the top. Maybe even a little discriminating. I mean the real question I have is, why do you put so much effort in making you seem like a good choice for any women when you know you clearly aren't. No woman want a business from her husband. You really got game man, I can see that. But despite all the honesty described here, the is something sour with it. I always went for women straight away in daytime, and only had some nights with party girls. You know what you see don't you? I can't for the life of me figure out whya you are still go out in bars when your girl shouldn't. Do you know what you want? Are you happy just with yourself without all this dating and this site here? Do you really not have anything better to say than to finally get to the point that all you did was for how you wanted to be seen by others? You want that girl? Go and get her. She clubs? Tell her to stop. Find one in the bookshop, that doesn't drink, take her out for a drink. See where it goes. A confident man can keep her where she needs to be for him in his life. But don't break all those hearts when you know what you're doing. That is for naturals like me who get 9 out of 10 girls they screen to fit for them and then hit on them. Okay maybe 7 of 10. But seriously, as much as I like to get silly about women sometimes, they only have until they're 30 if they want kids. Men can just run around like you and party their whole life. Seems unfair. And also very boring to go out, having her waiting for you, and then being dirstracted by someone else. Just to tell her, that you can't commit (sometimes). I mean with all the effort you put into coming of like casanova, it looks weired. And yes, I agree with a lot you say, and I don't want a girl that is like me. But y'know, if you just know how to please her, if you have some looks, if you can make a joke, if you can listen, if you can act being interested when you aren't, what else, oh some money for food eventually when she doesn't want to cook, but that should be it. And also find love with a girl that accepts your flaws early on. Anyone has them. Anyway, enjoy your the ride man.

Thanks for all the great posts!