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This article is one of a kind on the net. It makes a ton of sense to screen this way. It improves your chances of success. Taking it slow and doing some romantic date with a party girl probably won't lead to success for you, for instance.

The world isn't black and white: not every girl you meet at a bar is actually a party/bar/drinking girl. Some may go out once a year just to celebrate a friend's birthday who has value to them in some other way than leading them to a party. This screening method should help to get it right with every girl you meet in terms of how to proceed (take her home that night or set up a date). It's not hypocritical of men. You either go out to a bar on a Friday or you date a girl. Women probably screen this way too, so it's something to address in conversation.

I don't think it's good to write off all party girls as relationship material because some girls probably just become party girls for a few years for the same reason you'd encourage guys to party.. to develop your social and sexual skills. It may be more of a means of self-improvement than simply a desire to find new sources of pleasure all the time. But with girls like that, the man should have a lot of experience himself and be outstanding all around when it comes to dating.