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I am currently dating a party girl and I love (or loved) her dearly. She loves partying, in fact she is out right now with her friends as I am posting this. I called her becuase she didn't tell meshe would be going out but surprise surprise she didn't answer. When I texted her, she sounded annoyed so I ended the conversation. Over the past few weeks she has been acting cold and distant. She no longer has time for our long hours of conversation and is always busy.

Well I'm sure you've had this before so I'll end it there. I just wanted to say thnak you because your article describes my girl (ex girl to be exact) to the letter. I have decided to cut all ties with as I believe I deserve better than this. I just finished my years at university and I'm going to graduate and start my career so I really need to focus on that and not a girl who keeps throwing my emotions out sync. Your articles told me the truth I needed to hear. And I just wanted to thank you mate.

Ps. I went clubbing once and left the club, went home and played a new video game I bought that day. I didn't realise how different she and I are. Can't believe we lasted this long. But enough is enough