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I'm right in the middle of a relationship with a party girl and was searching for articles for understanding and perhaps solace but definitely advice. I'm trying to decide if I'm crazy for being skeptical and should just be getting more serious with her or if I'm really not crazy in dealing with and doubting her--the whirlwind of chaos! Anyhow, most of what you said seems to ring true and I wanted to say thanks. I had dated a girl before this one that I believe was a RPG after her marriage for 5 years but then she was committed to me after and very early on became selfish about my time spent with her and my time spent with my kiddos. I got out of this one after a few years living with her. So I'm not having much luck thus far, this being only my third serious relationship since my divorce from a wife of over ten years. Based on your advice I'm a little more hopeful for the future...assuming I can get my head out of my a$$ and make the right decision!

Thanks again!