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I read the part about the uncommitted creep about how your girl starts to act when they have another option and was blown away because it happened to me.

At the time, the girl was living with me. Out of the blue, she started acting weird... pretty much that list you provided was a rundown of the symptoms. It was messing with me hard, and when the behavior did not go away after I confronted her about it, I kicked her out of my house and my life. At the time, I had thought this was a bit extreme and beat myself up over it a bit...

But then out of curiosity I checked up on her 3 months later. I find out she is living in a "committed relationship" with an employee of hers from her job, and it had been going on for 5 months.

Going over this site, I was wondering if this was the right thing to spend my money on, but after seeing that you have confirmed that I can probably get some value out of this and change my life for the better.