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So what you are saying is that the best option for relationships are girls that don't like to be social? Or only the ones that can find ways to be social without it happening in places like clubs and bars? My experience is that beeing social today very often equals going out with friends, either to a bar, lounge bar etc. for some drinks. Is it ok if she doesn't drink, but still goes out? I'm having a hard time imagining that most girls never ever go out with their friends, never go to a b-day party etc. , but only stay at home to read and cook. I think your homo sapiens reference may also very well apply to the need of beeing social in some degree. I totally agree that ideally she wouldn't go to such places, but also a girls social life cannot be limited to her boyfriend (and some friends on the phone).

I'm currently dating a girl, that used to be going to lounge bars etc maybe 2 times a month. A bit less now. She take her work, studying and taking care of her family very serious. She also enjoys spending a friday night at home with a book or movie. But she say she needs theese "girls nights out" from time to time to be social. Sometimes she get drunk, sometimes just have a drink or two. She goes out less after beginning dating me, but it may very well be because she know i don't like it.

Your article really got me thinking!