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I did go to a lot of clubs when I was younger. When I was 17, I had a friend who was a bouncer and would let me in underage and would even give me a wristband (for people 21+).

I drank and got silly but wasn't sexually active. I thought I was so "grown," but talking to the many disgusting men who only wanted a piece of ass was gross to me. I was more excited about taking shots with my girlfriends and singing karaoke.

I kept with the bar scene until I was 20, but it really wasn't about the men. Regardless of my irresponsibility with alcohol, I had only had one "boyfriend" at that point and wasn't interested in meaningless sex. I did have a big blow-out of hitting up every bar on my 21st birthday, though. Even my dad was along for the ride.

After that, though....nothing. I was really more focused on working by then, making money and fixing up my apartment, investing in things I needed and saving cash. If I went to the bar, it was the tiny Irish pub near my house, and I'd have one drink at the bar with my neighbor and head home.

Now, I'm almost 26 and have been with my BF since I was 22. I don't go to bars anymore. We have been to a music hall/bar three times to see popular bands, but other than that, we hang out at home. I still drink, but only at home and with my boyfriend.

Am I supposed to believe that I am somehow "tainted" because I used to frequent the bars when I was younger?