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I think Chase adequately sums up what you're getting yourself into if you date a Club Queen. Perhaps you should ponder on some of the implications of what Chase said in his Club Queen article and you see the relevance to this article. To truly understand it, you should attract, date, and invest your emotions and time and money in a Club Queen or two or three and report what your findings are here when you are done...

But Chase adequately addresses the Club Queen in his article. For example he says:
"In the time she does spend with someone, however, she is adept at making that person feel very comfortable with her, and as if he is someone special to her. Though, the feeling is often not mutual – very often, the Club Queen is being sociable and charming, but not necessarily honest about her feelings toward them, with the majority of the people she meets while out socializing."

This implies that the Club Queen is quite aware of the effects her charms has on the behaviors of individuals. Very likely an explanation of why alot many women (particularly Club Queens) have a philosophy of "don't chase 'em, replace 'em" because they're not that emotionally invested in you...even though their charm makes it seem that way. As soon as she loses respect she's gone!!! Good luck getting her to reply to your texts afterward!!

Chase also says:
"If a Club Queen is in a relationship but does not respect or value her man, she will continue being as outgoing and Club Queen-ish as if she were single."

What Chase doesn't say is how easy it is for a man to trigger her loss of respect/value, and how much A-Game he must bring to the table to keep her intrigued in the first place. The way the Club Queen will treat you if she loses respect for you can crush a man who is a beginner and make him bitter...especially if he was infatuated with her...and the it's rather easy to become infatuated with best Club Queens.

And let's face it, the Club Queen meets alot of men. Think about it. Clubs have a lot of men looking for women! Don't you think they'd be drawn to someone like the Club Queen (vs. other women who are wallflowers or look all closed off or uninterested in meeting people?) And some of those men are advanced, some aren't, but because the Club Queen meets so many men, she is very adept at screening those men. She has to be because she doesn't have infinite time to spend with all of them! And so since she's such an effective screener, she likely knows (or thinks she knows) things about men that some of them aren't even aware of about themselves. Which means if you are the man who is dealing with a Club Queen and you screw up in a way she doesn't like...poof she's gone because she has alot of abundance!! Think about many phone numbers do you think a club queen has in her phone??

At the end of the day nothing is wrong with the Club Queen per se... she is not a horrible human being. I've met some very dynamic and passionate and crazy and exciting club queens. Zero Boredom! They're women just like all the others, and so they are susceptible to seduction just like the others. But in my experience with the Club Queens I've met while in New York and especially Washington, DC I'd say they should be reserved for the more advanced men...mainly because of the advanced nature of their social skills/adeptness and how many men they meet, many of who compete heavily for them. You have to be more exceptional than most of those other guys to keep them interested and intrigued to even meet up with you outside the club in the first place. And once you meet up with them, you can't be BORING or NEEDY or TENTATIVE or INSECURE or UNINTELLIGENT!

But they're women, just the same and some of them still want love and to be treated special. It's possible, but you have to have your shit down tight or else they chew you up and spit you out. But once your shit is down tight, some Club Queens will even tell you or strongly imply that you're exceptional, not like most guys. Some might even call you a "seducer." This might at first sound like she's trying to charm you, but she's not...she means it because think about why is she out with you...and not any of the other 100 guys who's number she has in her phone? In fact some Club Queens will openly admit what they really think about the "lesser men" who thought they had a shot with her, or the ones who got one-night-standed but never a return text... but that's a different story.

The bigger question I would say to ask yourself by time you get your shit down tight with women, and you have the ability to meet and seduce all sorts of women is: should you really spend time/energy/money with a Club Queen when there are millions of other women who are waiting for you to come along and charm them and will not be as much trouble?? Opportunity costs! I think this is what Chase was trying to get at in this article... don't waste your precious time when there are millions of other opportunities out there for you...many of which will not end in a whirlwind of chaos.