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Thank you for your answer to me, Chase. I really respect you for your honesty! So, it's not about things being "fair" here, you just go for what YOU want, which I think is rather understandable. And if I knew you in person, I definitely wouldn't enter into a relationship with you (if only I could resist it :D ) but I'd sure as hell sleep with you. And want you as a friend with benefits. :) As such, you would be ideal, with all your experience and good conversation... If only you wouldn't mind my sleeping with other guys too, because I'm far from being monogamous myself.

Let me ask you something more. Why want monogamy in the first place? I got the impression that it's important to you to prevent your girlfriends from "straying", so, no party girls for you. Well, what do you care? If you know it's not going to last anyway, wouldn't it be easier to just allow each other a bit more freedom? You sure are familiar to dating many girls at the same time, why couldn't a woman do the same? Or maybe you would indeed allow this if it was agreed upon right from the beginning?

I've had this arrangement with my husband for ten years already. I'd say it has good and bad sides to it, but it sure takes away lots of the pressure people usually feel in dating life. It's ok to meet new people and have them as lovers, and still no need to find something that lasts forever because, in a way, we already have it. A partner, a good companion, someone to have children with if we feel like it one day. The passion is not there anymore but we get that elsewhere. I don't know. I wish it was there but I still want to be with him and I believe he feels the same.