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Hey Chase. I just read the article on Girl Types: Club Queens (, and you say a lot of things in that article that contradict what you say in this article. I'm not sure if anyone else mentioned that, frankly there are WAY too many comments on this topic (I tried to go over them but I'd be sitting here reading comments for at least 2 hours).

I know that that post is from 2010, but some of the things mentioned are from the opposite view of this post. Here's an example:
"What’s a Club Queen like outside of a nightclub, you might ask? Interestingly, you’re most likely to find a Club Queen doing something relatively solitary and lowkey, like reading a book at the store downtown, or relaxing by herself with a cup of Joe at the local coffee shop." (this one may seem irrelevant, because when compared to the context, it is contradictory).

And also, the last sentence:
"’ll be well on your way to having one of the most dynamic, exciting, rewarding women out there." (when referring to club queens).

I'm not trying to bash you or be a thorn in you're side, but am I right to conclude that, between the time of that article, and this one, you have learned a great deal of great lessons pertaining to the types of women, especially party girls?

Maybe consider removing that article, revising it, or add an update post, if my conclusion is correct.

Thanks for reading.