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Dear Chase,

First I just wanna say that your website is amazing. The way you present your ideas and your unique take on things is just remarkable. I’m sure I speak on behalf of everyone here when I say that you’re an inspiration to us all.

I just have this very interesting question for you.

So you know how you always talk about getting practical experience on escalating with girls, seducing them, getting together with them and all that. Just reading about it is not enough. I totally agree with you on this matter.

I have been doing that for quite a while now and I believe that I have become reasonably good at this. However, I feel as if I have been neglecting gaining experience on building and growing relationships as by picking up different girls all the time I don’t get into serious relationships. However, I really do want to get into a serious relationship with the woman I love when the time comes.

In that sense do you believe that getting “practical” experience on building and growing relationships (that means being through quite a few committed relationships and breakups) is important for maintaining a good relationship when you find the “one”?

Or is “practical experience” in a relationship context something that can be build and learnt along the way while you are already in a relationship with someone you love? Even though one has not had much prior experience to this relationship.

Or at least is this something that can more easily be learnt through reading? When compared to escalating with new girls etc.

I hope you can help me on this matter.

Thanks Chase!