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You wrote an article where I think you said respect in a relationship is maintained when male dominance is maintained. While I agreed with the point about maintaining dominance, my curiosity is whether dominance alone is the sole factor in the rise/fall of respect in relationships? Here in this article you seem to suggest there's more to the story than dominance as it pertains to respect. Here you say that when a girl has a lot of options (and you don't) she starts treating you colder and less well; she begins to be increasingly disinterested in you and disrespectful toward you; and she begins to act as if you are dirt and she is above you... better than you. My contention has always been that this can happen to you regardless of whether or not you're dominant or not. You can be as powerful and dominant and emotionally detached as you want, but it doesn't necessarily mean that she's going to respect you any more than any other guy. Maybe she just won't say anything to you about her trysts/hidden boyfriends, sudden aloofness, loss of enchantment, etc to avoid arguments, etc, and still end up not being a boon to your existence in the ways that you truly deserve.

There's overt disrespect and covert disrespect, but regardless they're still disrespect. And a girlfriend of mine a long time ago pointed out to me how sneaky and grimy some women can really be (not to hate on women because I think they're beautiful) but to be real and politically incorrect, shit happens. In fact according to her, women can be so adept at their arts that they can maintain a totally calm attitude in your presence but when you're not around they go buck wild and do things that will make you cringe, and will turn around and lie to your face about their actions. In fact some are so adept, that the minute you point out that they're up to no good, they calmly and deftly spin count it on you, and accuse you of being needy and immature, to take the spotlight off of them...all the while they're fully and consciously aware of what they're doing. And then if no matter what you do (acquiesce or explode), they laugh at you with their friends behind your back..."he's so stupid!!" And so, I completely agree with your point about being weary of women who routinely put themselves in situations where temptation is part of the design of the venue.

But a point I want to make is that there are women who don't party that still get approached by alot of men and are open to temptation for whatever reason. So although dominance and sexiness and power are good weapons to deflect the efforts of other competitive men (inspire a woman to choose you vs them), at the end of the day what a man really needs is insight on how to spot the deceptive to call her out if need be... how to protect himself against the deft to not chase her but to replace her when he realizes that he's being played.

Any thoughts/insights into the patterns that a man should look for that MIGHT strongly suggest that he consider winding things down with a particular woman, fading her out fast, especially if he wants to start investing his emotions/time/money/energy in a woman? I have some standard ones in mind but I want to see what you think...