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I read your article and as a woman that really put things into perspective. I liked how you identified the difference between a "party girl" and what's not one. I guess I didn't realize I fell into the category of being a party girl since I don't get wasted or sloshed everynight (actually I don't like getting wasted), and go to a bar for a couple of drinks every now and then. I recently moved to a new city so "girls night outs" are out of the question.

However, I recently mutually ended a relationship I had because he in fact didn't like girls who went out at all and I didn't understand what the problem was if I was faithful to him and if I didn't do it often but after reading this article I see where he's coming from and almost immediately willing to not do those things for him because he is someone worth it. I've never been the one to randomly make out with strangers and did most of my partying in college.

I don't know if I'm a mixture between being a party girl or being not. I'm 24 years old and on a friday night staying in watching movies and cooking sounds really appealing to me or reading or practicing my monologues. I guess I tried to "party" since it was another way to make friends but at the same time maybe I don't need those types of friends.

Also at the same time I do enjoy a drink and this can involve me and a boyfriend sharing a glass of wine together or going to a lounge to listen to music. I've really come to hate clubs as I got older. They are gross and too packed and hot. I do like sports bars or laid back ones where there's not as many people and it has good music and I could go with friends (who aren't party animals and don't flirt with everyone) or my boyfriend who I'm with at the time. Does that make me a party girl? I suppose I'm not sure.

But you're really making me rethink everything and I love him so much and almost want to tell him right now that I'm willing to not go out at all since that's not really a big sacrifice to begin with. He works at a club as security so he sees all types of things that goes on in clubs, one of the reasons why he hates them. Thanks Chase you made me think and I'd love your advice on what I should do.