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Hey Chase

Recently my ex gf, currently my friend with benefits just turned 21. I know girls take their 21st very seriously, it's more like their 21st birthday month. Every since her birthday she has been going out drinking with friends every night. It's been about 4 days. Not a big deal. When I first met her a year ago she never drank and I could never get her to drink even when we got a hotel at the beach. Only time I saw her drink was on holidays. I know she loves me which is good but also bad because I do not want to be involved with a girl like that for reasons you just explained. If this continues to be the new her imma have to throw in the towel but I'd hate to break her heart. I have remained calm and unfazed and havent said a word to her about this situation. How would you go about handling this if it turns out to actually be the new her and not just a temporary thing?