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Sure, you can still have one-night stands with girls you meet during the daytime. I probably wouldn't differentiate daytime girls as "quality" girls and nighttime girls as "not quality" girls... they're different personalities suited to different things.

But you can very often move just as fast during the daytime with women as you can during the night. It's very possible to sleep with girls quickly that you meet out by the beach in the middle of the day or while shopping for groceries. Same as nighttime - you just keep moving things forward with them until you end up somewhere private together, and then escalate.

However, a girl you meet during the day is probably more inclined to not be used to fast sex, and to see this as a whirlwind romantic experience and potentially the start of something amazing... there's a higher than ordinary chance she gets hurt if you aren't framing things properly, so if all you want is one night of passion, make sure you're setting the proper frames for this so she doesn't end up feeling cheated later.