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Absolutely - there are PLENTY of non-party girls who aren't boring. Many of them who have far more interesting minds / conversation than most of the women you'll meet in bars and clubs, too. Although if you like the go-go-GO! personality types, yes, you will be hard pressed to find women like that who don't also party and club... nightlife is the weekend reprieve from the drudgery of the workweek for pretty adrenaline junkies in glitzy dresses.

Girls who work 24/7 (usually in finance) - agreed. In fact, you'll often have difficulty nailing girls like that down into a relationship... they tend to behave more similar to their 24/7 male counterparts romantically/sexually, with hookups, flings, and casual relationships, but committed relationships few and far between (they just don't have the time). When they start pushing 30 though, it begins bothering them, usually.

Women in the medical field in my experience are rather "tell all" - many of the ones I've known have had a tendency to do big information dumps on you, often far too early in the dating process. Kind of kills some of the fun and mystery... maybe that's just me though. They seem a little too mechanical. Depending on what she does in medicine, her hours may be almost as crazy as a gal in finance; there are lots of doctors pulling 36-hour shifts.

Women in education could be a good choice if you like sweet and caring. They tend to be very compassionate and almost motherly. A bit too frail for my tastes though... I always have to be very careful with teachers, because they get attached very easily, and hurt very easily, too. Might be perfect if it's what you want though. A friend of mine who described one of his key personality traits as being "family-oriented" married a kindergarten teacher and couldn't be happier with her.

Girls who go to the gym actually tend to be more confident about their bodies than the ones who don't. I prefer girls who don't hit the gym personally, if simply for the reason that if she's still skinny and doesn't go to the gym, I can reasonably expect she'll stay that way for a while. Whereas if she's hitting the gym regularly, I don't know what her body turns into when she gets lazy because she's in a relationship now and decides to stop going.

Dirty fantasies and tons of things she wants to try out with a man - well, that's pretty much every girl, so you won't need to work too hard to find that one ;)