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That's very neat to hear - I'm always interested in learning about applications for this stuff outside the realm of dating and seduction.

LOLE is a funny social phenomenon. "Grace" in a performance is really low apparent effort for large apparent result - everything from an actor to a ballerina to a basketball player to a piano player appears more impressive the more fluid and effortless his or her motions appear - all the better if he or she is doing amazing things (e.g., the basketball player who puts a lot of points on the board, seemingly effortlessly; the classical pianist who plays a Stravinsky piano reduction, seemingly effortlessly). Much of what we consider "beauty" is effortlessness. You might even say the Mona Lisa is so intriguing because its model has such an effortless expression on her face.

It's tied to a sort of natural awareness that so far as I can tell all vertebrate animals seem to share: that creatures using high effort and unfluid / uncoordinated movements are weak, unskilled, and undesirable; whereas creatures able to achieve good results on little expenditure of effort are strong individuals with all sorts of advantages, and we find ourselves entranced by them, admiring them, wanting to know how they do what they do, and finding them intriguing and beautiful.