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You're right, there's no article on that. I'll see about getting one up on it.

You want various tactics for various levels of severity of the thing she's saying. Anything from making a joke:

Her: Men are such animals! I can't believe what animals you are. Men are all horrible.

You: Totally. It's a good thing women aren't animals like men are, or we'd all be fucked. Oh wait... women do all the same things men do. Damn it!

Making her clarify her position (especially when her argument is extreme / emotional / untenable) is frequently a good option:

Her: Men who won't pay for women on dates are scum.

You: Care to clarify? What is it exactly that makes men "scum" for not paying for women? And are women "scum" for not paying for men, or is there a difference? What causes the difference?

Those are a few starters. Past the initial "dealing with disagreement" though, it really becomes "how good a debater are you?" and "how good are you at making your point effectively?" It also becomes about "how well does your reasoning hold up to logical counterarguments?"

Defusing emotional arguments is pretty straightforward - you just shoot them down: Brain Hacks: Using Moral Superiority to Turn Arguments.

As for general disagreements... post upcoming!