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i think this is the article i needed to clear things out and realize the women i`ve been with were not really good relationship materials.

what i found though was - party girls are MUCH more experienced in bed - experienced enough to give good sex and relaxed enough to be able to have intense and easy orgasms - nothing worse than working your ass off to please the girl if possible at all.

i hope not all `sitting at home` girls out there are totally boring and/or lame in bed and have little experience in pleasing men... also i would avoid sexually conservative women unless you are sexually conservative too.

i`d like to add that girls who work 24x7 (in finance) especially in cities like NYC and London are probably not good choices either. without generalization i think they go crazy and you never see them anyway ever - personal experience from the dark past.

my theory at this point is that the ideal girls
- works `9 to 5`
- has `home sitting` trait
- likely from medical or education field (as they tend to be smart AND are good natured by default)
- frequents the gym because though she is hot she is not sure about it
- has dirty fantasies and wants to try out tons of things with the right man
- doesnt need 13913489 dates to make up her mind

any experiences?