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I read ur article awhile back about how to downplay the money you make and things of that nature as not to be cast in the boyfriend zone slowing down how fast she would sleep with you, thinking your a keeper, and also for her not to get it in her mind that b/c ur name is Bradley and u work on Wallstreet, ur gonna have to wine and dine her for a taste, while Billy Bob, who's waiting for his disability check to cum in, is banging her the whole time over a pack of hot dogs, a few Budweiser's and Marlboro red cigarettes.

To me ur appearance is the first thing anyone sees.

I remember a random article I had read online a few years back about how men should develop a casual style of dress to attract women and to leave their suits and oxfords at work, as suits tended to attract golddiggers.

Then I thought about my own ghetto fabulous style of dress: I remember u saying u wanted to be a rapper some time back so I'm sure ur familiar with Timberlands, Jordans, and maybe even Nike boots(I bring up shoes because to me they are the first or second thing a girl looks at, and supposedly tell a lot about a man or w.e.) . When I was about 14 and I walked in the house with my first pair of $150 Tims my father, who actually grew up in the hood in DC asked me who I planned on robbing with those "hustler boots". He told me back in his day the only reason u would see a guy rooming the street with big construction boots on(other than actually working construction) was that dudes used them to kick in peoples doors and faces for whatever illicit reason. They were for "putting n work" not showboating and looking cute. Us being young tho we didn't know nothing about all that we just bought them b/c they were in style. The image persists today: u see a dude wearing Tims or Nike boots(esp. in the summer) u automatically think that slim is thugged out.

Even with the Jordans, growing up 75% of the guys who could consistently afford them (not on sale, but right when that particular edition would hit stores ,lol) were dudes that were selling drugs. They became a sign of a drug dealer. Dudes would get robbed for their shoes. The other 25% were either really good thieves, worked at a shoe store, worked at Wendy's or sum shit and blew their whole paycheck or their mamma or overweight girlfriend with low self esteem kept their punk ass fresh.

Then I thought back to all the dilemmas I've experienced over the years dealing with certain females and I realized that the way I'd presented myself gave these girls certain expectations of me:

At sum point they seemed to always have sumone they wanted me to fight or protect them from, 9 times out of 10 their crazy ex boyfriend.

Expected me to pull out wads of money out my pocket like a mobster. "What ur broke? but u have on the fresh Phoamposites WTF!?!"

Couldn't believe I had a legit job, went to nightschool and didn't smoke weed or wanted to know why I didn't smoke weed, rob people, and sell drugs. "Call me when when u get ur shit together I would hear sumtimes, lls.

I could go on and on, but they were basically expecting all the things a "thug" gangsta" or "balla" was supposed to offer a girl, think that song "I need a Solider" by Beyoncé.

Then I thought back to the times I kept it simple(no not Payless simple), but u know a semi fresh par of new Balance or nike cross trainers with like jeans and a fresh white T for example, I would meet females, actually have a pleasant time, didn't have to "prove my mettle" or perform an epic demonstration and had sex rather quickly with these girls a they were way less demanding. Shit just would flow fluidly.

I also read the articles you put out about dudes being "White Knights" and the other one about subpar females who constantly make bad decisions and need a hero to constantly bail them out. To me that's why that gangster shit when it pertains to females is played out. The average chick who fucks with hoodlums does so because:

She can lay on her ass while he does his "thing" and get high for free all day and all night.

She got two or three other loc'd out gangsters stalking her ass but she put the pussy on her new dude good; he has a gun and he's willing to kill for her. She's willing to turn states on him if she's charged with conspiracy. go figure.

When his money comes in she's off to the shops to buy Gucci and Prada.

I mean its all about money and protection. Oh and street credit or status.

I think that I'd save time, money, headaches, and maybe even my life by getting a prostitute.

They swear they be "pimping" but to me I see a bunch of dudes saving hoes aka White Knighting. And their risking their life and freedom to do so. At least your legitly rich guy whose made millions legally, but who married a succubus golddiger who doesn't give a fuck about anything about him but his money doesn't have to worry about a drive by shooting.

Anyway Chase, these are my thoughts thanks for listening.