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Hey Chase,

I'm trying to avoid becoming an early boyfriend, but I feel like women put me on the boyfriend/LTR track WAY too quickly. It doesn't help that I'm decent looking, have a good job, nice place, new car...

Recently, I bedded one girl, and went on a fun date with another, and now they both keep trying to initiate conversations via SMS, and it just won't stop! It's like their first priority upon waking up is to text me "how's your [morning|afternoon|evening] going?" I never respond right away, but usually within a few hours (when convenient for me.) They always respond much faster than I do, and sometimes send a follow-up before I even reply. Now I'm thinking I should have never responded at all. I only did so because I didn't want to be too aloof, and possibly send them into auto-rejection. Did I play this all wrong? Was it already too late? What should I do different next time?

The thing is, I'd LOVE to bed them both [again], but neither one is exactly LTR material to me; one even has a husband in an open relationship. I don't want to damage the potential for a future hookup, but I want stay far away from boyfriend territory with them, and most importantly, I don't want to hurt either one.

What should I do here? Do you think it's too late to communicate that I'm not boyfriend material? Is my goose already cooked?

I know it'd be really easy for me to go out and find more girls, but that seems like such a waste when I already have these two at my beck and call. Plus, going no-contact and/or moving on might hurt them (if they're already this attached), or backfire and just make them chase harder due to preselection.