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This isnt chase, but Anonymous, you sound like the girl I was in a 2 year relationship with.

I had been going through some very difficult times mentally, and perhaps because I had a hard enough time sorting out my issues, I didn't have enough of me to share and make her feel the way I used to make her. I never strayed from the relationship, I remained loyal through all the crazy stuff she would pull because I loved her...but for a short time I couldn't even love myself. She had a similar situation as you, she never had sex with someone else, not even anything physical, but the curiosity of something new lead her to stray for a split second.

After finding out though, I didn't stay calm like your boyfriend did, I was angry and wondered why she would do this to me? I broke up with her, and got back together a week later, and the relationship was never the same afterwards. After reading your post, I just now realized it was because of my inability to lead and keep her satisfied that the relationship soured. If anything we should have broken up sooner. Thinking back she wasn't all that great of a girl for me anyway.

That was a super long story, but I love the way this website has helped me understand some of my shortcomings and to get on the track of self improvement.

Thank you to Chase, Ricardus, and everyone else who bring such awesome content!